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We believe that Image is everything for a business. With minimum disruption (if required out of hours) we ensure that your needs are met. Using telescopic poles fed using purified water, which removes the need for ladders, cutting the cost to you while still being able to access windows up to 70 feet high without expensive equipment and needless risk, leaving an immaculate finish.


As a small Bristol business we can offer realistic prices and a personal service carrying out domestic cleans every 8 weeks or to a frequency you require.

When We Are Coming - We will contact you if required by a method you prefer the day before, otherwise every 8 weeks.

Will You Clean in the Winter / Rain - As our wet cleaning system is unaffected by the elements & cleaning quality is still ensured. Only in adverse conditions will we have to reschedule.

Payment - You can pay either cash/chq to the operator direct if you are in, otherwise we supply a receipt & addressed envelope for you to forward payment at your convenience.

Indoor Window Cleaning

To enhance the external clean we also do internally especially prior to summer when people entertain or prior to winter when maximum light is soon to be at a premium.
This can be accommodated at a time frequency if you should require

Dormer Window Cleaning

Reaching the unreachable, as photo illustrates we can get up close & personal to ensure a thorough clean is carried out & leaving a high quality finish that can minimize maintenance costs long term.

Fascia and Guttering Cleaning

"Prevention is Better than Cure" - as part of your house weatherproofing let us ensure they are both clean & clear leaving your property secure/dry and in good condition.
Benefits - An annual clean is cost effective because it prevents debris filling up & seeping down your fascia/walls staining in the process. Left unattended it will rot your weatherboards creating leaks at worst. Penetrating damp can cost hundreds if not thousands to repair/replace. Our cleans are often within 1 hour saving money and needless grief. Click onto our gallery to see what we can do to your fascias/soffits.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Algae & Moss are synonmous on conservatory roofs, largely in part to the damp climate Bristol fosters. If left unchecked will penetrate your seals inviting internal dampness.
We will clean off all stains using no ladders - our water fed poles ensure your conservatory is unharmed & left looking like new.

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