Window Clean

Our Top-Rated Bristol-based business can offer you realistic prices and personal service.

We use only purified water for our water-fed pole system which is attached to a water pump inside our vans and can easily stretch up to 70 meters in length.

Pure water is pumped to the brush head and sprayed onto the windowpane causing dirt to be washed away. This system also removes cobwebs, bird mess, and other debris.

The purified water absorbs all the remaining residue and after one last highly pressurised blast of water, the water will then be left to evaporate on its own creating a streak-free, long-lasting protective layer against dust and dirt for several weeks.

Some FAQ's about Our Domestic Window Cleaning...

What Equipment do You Use?

We use telescopic poles fed with purified water so there is no need for dirty bucket water and rags. We can reach up to 65 feet. Plus, our team are fully trained in the traditional hand tools if needed

Do You Clean All Types of Windows?

Yes. All windows and doors including the ‘hard to reach’ type such as dormer and Velux windows. All glass, frames, and sills are cleaned as standard.

Do You Clean Conservatories?

Yes. Algae & moss are common conservatory roof problems, in part due to the damp Bristol climate. If left unchecked, it can penetrate your seals inviting internal dampness. We will clean off all stains using our telescopic poles fed with purified water ensuring your conservatory is unharmed and left looking like new.

Do You Clear Gutters?

Yes, we are gutter clearing specialists! It should be part of your house weatherproofing because clearing leaves and debris will help rainwater flow freely and not overflow in sudden downpours. It is cost effective to have your gutters emptied every year as blockages can lead to leaks and internal water damage. Our clearing is often within 1 hour, saving money and needless grief. We use a high-powered vac system with a pole and head attachments 

Do You Clean Cladding, Fascias and Soffits?

Yes. Our telescopic poles fed with purified water are the best solution as they are able to be adapted with a brush head.

Do You Clean Internal Windows?

Yes. This enhances the external clean especially prior to summer when people entertain or prior to winter when maximum light is soon to be at a premium.

How do we know when you are coming?

If required, we will contact you by a method you prefer the day before, otherwise every 2 months

Will You Clean in the Winter / Rain?

Yes. The purified water cleaning system is unaffected by the elements so cleaning quality is maintained. Only in adverse weather conditions will we have to reschedule.


Most customers pay cash to our trusted team. For BACS transfer, we will leave you a slip with our bank account details. If you prefer paying by cheque, we will give you a receipt and an addressed envelope for you to forward payment at your convenience.
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